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Throughout my studies, I have enjoyed teaching singing and music theory to people of all ages and abilities. 
First and foremost, I believe that singing should be enjoyable and I will always help the student learn how to sing the pieces that they enjoy the most. Whether the lessons are for graded examinations or for specific events, I am happy to help and will provide a structured lesson plan from the first lesson, which is tailored to the student and will guide their studies towards their personal goals.
As part of my degree I studied the Art of Teaching module, in which I learnt various ways to effectively help a student with their singing technique. My main aim is to always ensure that my students are using a healthy singing technique, upon which they can build and develop their voices over time.
I can teach students how to read music, or improve their music reading skills, so that they can learn new songs more effectively. 

As an experienced theory teacher, I have taught students through grades 1-5. I have lesson plans and theory worksheets to go alongside the standard theory books, to make learning more efficient and enjoyable.

Given the current global pandemic, I am teaching all of my students online until further notice. This has been very effective and all students have made great progress. 

Thanks! Message sent.

Laura Hocking - mezzo soprano Photographer - Taylor Poenicke
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